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Importer & Exporter of Display Counters

and Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Excellence in Food Retailing

by providing Innovative Solutions

We have an extensive range of Display Counters

with Choice, Value and Performance.


For over 25 years Benson Refrigeration have been bringing state of the art display cases, creating success stories with large and small businesses.

Benson Refrigeration is enabling excellence in food retailing by providing innovative solutions in areas such as merchandising, energy efficiency and sustain ability, food quality and integrity, refrigeration, design and engineering, service and installation, and improving retail performance. We are passionate about food retailing and have a relentless dedication to our customers’ success.

We are serving many reputable clients worldwide for Import-Export of our products.


Featured Products

we have an extensive range of display counters


Display Counters


Display Counters


Display Counters

Choice, Value & Performance!

This set of driving characteristics is what sets Benson Refrigeration. It’s what enables us to create greater value for our customers and for the consumers they serve.


cause we make the best, that’s why!

We like to do our work with fun and good people.

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